The Bored Drawing: Real Co presents The Best of The Bored Drawing, Episodes 1-10!

We’ve been busy prepping for our sojourn to the People’s Improv Theater for New York Sketch fest. So in lieu of a regular episode, we’re bringing you our favorite bits from the first 10 episodes of the show. Lots of nonsense involving air conditioners, stickers, BBC’s Planet Earth, human candles, evil clowns, and much more.

You may just say, Hi Jinx & Sue.

The Bored Drawing: Episode 11, Real Co presents The Smell of Sleep!

The Big Deal is going to New York! Fresh off our acceptance into New York Sketch Fest, we have a new set of pitches and tangents to get off our chest.

Has Daredevil taught us to distrust blind people? Is your lover smart enough to be a serial killer? Have you sorted out your drinking budget lately? How will Pennywise scare people in Trump’s America? Do sneezes smell like cockroaches?
What would Pennywise use to scare us in Trump’s America? What instruments would score your life story? Most importantly, though, who will win the war between the Austrian Coffee Mafia and the Hungarian Area Hairy Dairy Men?

The Bored Drawing: Episode 10, Real Co presents The Baes from Bayonne!

This episode tears us between our very loose grasp of early 20th century (was Thomas Edison actually Alexander Graham Bell?) and our very vivid recollection of out mid 20s, circa 2012. Beyond reliving the past, we look to the future – planning Mary’s wedding, , writing country songs for millennial problems, coming up with crazy IT inspired pranks, and delighting in the musical qualities of modern-day appliances.

Also: some heavy Game of Thrones spoilers and deep nerd talk, Alex comes down hard on Michael Jordan’s acting in Space Jam, and we learn more about Bayonne, NJ then we ever wanted.

The Bored Drawing: Episode 9, Real Co presents Acid Free Stickers!

The eclipse is over, Mercury in still in retrograde, and we’re outdoors recovering from sickness and comedy festivals. We’re here with all new thoughts and new bits, but mainly it’s a wild journey that goes all the way from Alex’s colonoscopy sedation to the upending of the sticker industry. Also, who will have the The Last Meme? What goes into a game of news bingo? In what ways can we cheat the postal service?

The Bored Drawing: Episode 8, Real Co presents Marry a Gentlenerd!

This is a jam-packed show, with too many tangents to fit in one description. Margaret teaches us all about Iceland; James wants to be the next Simon Cowell; Alex has longstanding gripes with the Harry Potter series; Mary outdoes us all by getting engaged off-mic.

If that wasn’t enough, we rework Saint Motel lyrics into pure obscene nonsense. We give our long-awaited take on the hot-button issue of British Imperialism. Finally, we tackle the most hard-hitting issue in the show’s history… Flat Earthers.

The Bored Drawing: Episode 7, Real Co. presents Mary’s Air Conditioner Emporium!

This episode begins with Alex getting a major bump on the head, and the sprawling ridiculousness of what follows is evidence. Alex talks up the gentrification of shantytowns. James aspires to narrate in-flight movies for frugal passengers. And Mary has a massive beef to quash with her high-school stage costar. Plus: creeping peepers, the backstage drama of anthropomorphic baked goods, and we all learn a valuable lesson about sharks. If you wonder how all that fits together, we promise, it does. Sort of.

The Bored Drawing: Episode 6, Real Co. presents The OG Ratatouille!

Kat Caringola joins us for a special episode recorded in preparation for our appearance at Charm City Comedy Festival.

While we wait for James, we get mildly obsessed with a 90s Disney movie about high-diving horses. After than, an attempted pitch for Homeward Bound 4 leads to an intense discussion of dinosaur sexual habits. Plus: the history of selfies, the power of procrastination, Finding Dory reimagined as Memento, and the shopping lists of famous authors. And we answer the burning question: was Homer the original MRA?

The Bored Drawing: Episode 5, Real Co. presents Swiss brand Swiss Cheese!

Let’s just get this out of the way: we we’re all pretty hungry, so the first half of this episode is more food-focused than usual. We get weirdly obsessed over the culture of hummus, the inner workings of the swiss cheese industry, and using soybean oil as a catalyst for dating. Plus: how to pitch Crisco to hipsters. After that, we move outside, complete with Margaret’s dogs, to bemoan the lost art of hang drying, our impatience with The Sims, and James pitches his bizarre twist on Cash Cab.

The Bored Drawing: Episode 4, Real Co. presents Presto Pesto!

Can bagged cereal be trusted? Has David Attenborough finally lost it? Which historic figure had the best scent? Is your DNA public domain? These burning questions will finally be answered on this week’s episode of The Bored Drawing. Plus: James premieres a new song; Margaret performs her famous cup routine, and we all come to grips with our burgeoning Pittsburgese.

The Bored Drawing: Episode 3, Real Co. Presents: Swedish Screws!

In a special episode, the team prepares the the improv4humans improv competition at Unplanned Comedy. Drawing off topics selected at random, we dive into the finer details of Swedish school system, why pineapples make no sense, Venetian Ubers, the security at Cedar Point, and confessions to your favorite waxer. Plus: we attempt to make Good Humor popsicles humorous again!